67,000+ Canadians waitlisted for PORTpass™  within 48 hours to ensure travel plans go uninterrupted.

The PORTpass™ provides Canadians with a secure app for managing COVID-19 test results and vaccination status for global travel.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – PORTpass™ announces the COVID-19 app that ensures ease of travel and entry to global destinations.

Travellers will want to understand what COVID-19 requirements are held by different countries and ensure they have the right documents in order, specific to the destination they are going to.

PORTpass™ is a verified digital app software and platform that allows countries and event holders to feel secure about the people they are letting in. 

Vaccination Credentials for the PORTpass™ will be issued by organizations apart of the CDHN (Canadian Digital Health Network).

CEO, Zak Hussein says, “The app secures personal health information to ensure uninterrupted travel and event access. If you’re attending a concert, a sports game, or planning an international travel vacation, you may be required to have verification of your vaccination and COVID-19 health status.  Different countries and events will have different requirements. This app ensures freedom from being denied entry. Having invested in travel or event tickets nobody wants to be denied their destination.”

Through AI integration and Blockchain technology, the PORTpass™ app displays user-controlled, health status and travel guidelines in a secure way. Users of the app will be part of the CDHN (Canadian Digital Health Network) of labs, pharmacies and health clinics to produce verified health creditials for Canadians.

As Canada reopens, travel risk mitigation is key for travel success. Countries and organizations have the ability to verify user credentials to check the validity of information for point of entry access. 

Currently, 67,000+ Canadians have registered in advance of the PORTpass™ app launch, waiting to ensure their papers are in order to travel successfully abroad.

Early adopters of PORTpass™ can waitlist at: https://portpass.ca/solutions/

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